GE2KAP can be downloaded from: GE2KAP ... Downloads ...GE2KAP.V....exe
You can check for an updated version by pressing the "Check for Updates" button on the third panel. Also you will be asked every 30 days if you want to check for a new version.
To install GE2KAP, download the GE2KAP.V...exe and open it. It will install GE2KAP in folder C:\GE2KAP\GE2KAP.Vx.x.x.x where V.x.x.x.x is the version number. You can override the folder location during installation in the Custom install panel.
Note: Do not install GE2KAP in the C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) directories or their subdirectories. Special permission is needed to run from these directories.

To execute GE2KAP click on GE2KAP.V... in the start menu or double click on the GE2KAP.V... icon on the desktop. This will run the GE2KAP.rex program written in REXX programming language and uses the oorexx interpreter. At the first start, the Check.REX program will run to check if all the prerequistes are installed.

Zip Contents
Contents of Install Package:

The following prerequistes are required to run GE2KAP:

  1. Windows
    This only runs on Windows (XP,Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8).
    Note: It can be run on MacOSX >= V10.5 or Linux/Gtk >= V2.6 if running Windows in a virtual machine.
  2. oorexx interpreter
    GE2KAP is written in REXX. You must install the oorexx interpreter. The latest version of oorexx can be downloaded from this link: oorexx
    Install Windows ooRexx-4.1.2-windows-x86_32.exe
    Take all the defaults when installing it.
    Note: ONLY install the 32Bit version even if you are running on a 64Bit system.
  3. Google Earth
    You must have installed Google Earth V5.1 or higher which can be download from: Google Earth Download
  4. OpenCPN
    If you want to use the opencpn overlay feature of GE2KAP, OpenCPN you must be at version 3.02 or higher .
    Also the GE2KAP plugin ge2kap_pi.dll must be installed in the opencpn plugins directory. If its not installed or is the wrong version you will be prompted when GE2KAP is first started to install the plugin.
    You can also install the plugin manually by copying it from the GE2KAP folder to the opencpn plugins folder which is usually
    C:\Program Files\opencpn\plugins or C:\Program Files (x86)\opencpn\plugins
    After installing the plugin, start OpenCPN and enable the plugin Options..Plugins..ge2kap Click Enable then OK.
    Note: If you want to tile or use a polygon or path with the opencpn feature you must be at V3.2.2 or higher. You can get it at: OpenCPN Download

    Also you must display extensions in your folders. To turn on extensions:
    For Windows XP:
    • Open a File Explorer (Start... Computer)
    • Click on the "View" tab.
    • Select "Choose Details...".
    • In the "Choose Details" window check the 'Type' checkbox.
    • Press OK if you checked the above, else press Cancel.
    For Windows Vista to V7:
    • Open a File Explorer (Start... Computer)
    • Click on "Organize" then "Folder and Search Options". This will bring up the "Folder Options" window.
    • Click on the "View" tab.
    • In the Advanced settings window make sure the "Hide extensions for known file types" in NOT checked.
    • Press OK if you unchecked the above, else press Cancel.
    For Windows V8:
    • Open a File Explorer
    • Click on the "View" tab.
    • Check the "File name extensions".